Internet of Things

Internet of Things

All your installations under control

The Internet of Things enables all your devices to be connected to a country- or region wide LoRa-netwok.

Any device that comes to mind can be connected to the Internet and can provide you with it’s status – whenever and wherever you want. You’re no longer in the dark about the status of you installations.

The Guard Platform

Guard is a complete solution for all the necessary hard- and software to connect and actively monitor your installations over a LoRa network. Be it remote measuring installations, garbage containers, street lights or company vehicles. With Guard all your devices are on your radar.

Plan your maintenance schedule more efficiently by condition base maintenance and increase the continuity of your services. Guard acts as a third eye that benefits both you and your customers.

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This is LoRa ®

Ultra-low energy consumption, impressive range. 

LoRa stands for ‘Long Range Low Power’.  Devices that use this technology are able to exchange basic data with ultra-low energy consumption. For example, if a device is switched on or off, if it’s full or empty, malfunctioning or in perfect order, or it’s GPS location.

Through the low energy consumption, devices can last up to 15 years on just two penlite (AA) batteries.

Guard IoT for your company

Guard is build and developed by Tizin B.V. in Groningen, the Netherlands. Curious how the Internet of Things can improve the way you manage your business? Contact us or visit You can reach out to us on +3150-4063009. We’d love to hear from you.

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