Every lightpole
under control

No longer rely on external reporting ever again.


Be the first to detect
defect light poles.

With Litec, you’re the first to know.

With Litec a municipality automatically receives a daily update when a light pole is longer working, including the probable cause like a power outage. A quick assignment can be sent to the operator responsible for maintenance.  This saves municipalities a lot of manual labor and the problem is solved without delay. It also increases the civilians’ safety and reduces frustration.

Through an own Private Network

  • With redundant communication through both The Things Network and a private LoRa network;
  • simplified method of adding new gateways to facilitate communication between modules;
  • in poor reception areas the Litec modules can reach the gateway through each other through the hop-functionality.
  • monitoring gateways: monitoring and reporting about the gateways’ status.
  • available with and without a Zhaga connector.

Detects malfunction

With Litec, you can detect wether a light pole is operational. Is there’s a malfunction, has the power supply been interrupted or is the driver not operating correctly?  You will be the first to know.


Be in the know

When a malfunction has been detected, your organization will be notified directly. It’s even possible to have a work order to be created for the power network operator or a (sub)contractor. You will never have to rely on external reporting.


Hassle-free installation

Litec has been developed in close collaboration with municipalities and their employees, giving a module that’s been designed for quick and easy installation.


  • Detecting a lack of power, or decreased functioning of the lamp. Per individual street and lamp.
  • Module has screw-on antenna that can be installed outside of the pole.
  • Installation can be done directly above the junction box on a mounting rail, in an ELEQ LS-94 or can be placed in the fixture.
Litec litec standaard
Litec litec zhaga connector

Litec – Zhaga

  • Clicks into place – Plug & Play.
  • Enables two-way communication by interacting with the SR-Driver.
  • Detects power outage or decreased performance of the lamp.
  • Switching on and off and dimming.
  • Automatically paired after installation.

Developed with Municipalities

Litec is the result of a close and intensive collaboration with both metropolitan and rural municipalities. This makes Litec tailored to the needs of those municipalities and their employees.


Always in the know

Daily reports

Litec provides a daily morning report. You are immediately aware of any work orders that have been sent out to (sub)contractors. You can even track them and see wether a malfunction has been resolved.

Integrates with your management systems

Although the Litec solution has its own dashboard and reporting environment, the status of the light poles can be integrated with the management system that your organization currently uses. We are already linked to Moon and Nobralux.

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